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  Pureberry Fruits Rouges is a grower and an exporter of premium berries.
Pureberry Frruits Rouges manages and coordinates its 2 subsidiaries:
Pureberry doo - dedicated to berry production and management of our storage facilities.
Pure Logistics doo- enables reliable and timely delivery of the produce to our customers.
Pureberry’s comprehensive approach to doing business allows us to build true partnerships with our customers.
Simply, we produce and deliver only the highest quality berries in a reliable and timely manner.

     Exceptional Berries Grown in Nature Reserve
Our plantations are situated in a region declared the Biosphere reserve in 2001.
Our berry crops are cultivated in the valleys surrounded by the rich forest landscapes of the Dinaric Alps, on the banks of the rivers Ibar and Moravica in the south-western region of Serbia. This mountainous region, its forest landscapes, abundance of water and moderate climate are especially favorable for the production of berry fruits.
Our berry plantations cover total of 35,6 ha.